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Free Apex Legend Guide

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Free Apex legends tips and tricks

Apex Legends, the popular battle royale shooter from Electronic Arts, launches today with the new legend Loba and other new content in kick the bucket season 5. Loba is a notorious thief who is driven by her desire for retaliation.

The multiplayer online shooter Apex Legends starts today in Season 5. Under the name “Favor of Fate” developer Respawn
is bringing new content for nook-free battle royale shooter; including the new legend Loba, a new quests mode, some map adjustments, and of course a new battle pass.

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Apex Legends: Loba is the new legend

Loba is a famous society lady by day, but at night she becomes the most dangerous thief in the Outlands. She is on a private campaign of revenge against Sanctum’s fearsome Revenant and is driven by her desire for retribution for cave her family’s untimely death. As a thief, Loba can teleport directly to her prey and recognizes it from a great distance. Your ultimate ability is the black market boutique, with which your squad can view and make use of all the loot in the area.

Apex Legends

In addition to the new legend Loba, Respawn is also introducing a variety of new content and adjustments in Season 5. In Apex Legends pious devotee there is a new mode called Quests, in which players can search for fame, fortune, and story in a nine-week series of PvE quests. Respawn cap also made some major map changes with Loba’s arrival. So kick the bucket popular landing zone Skull City was destroyed. And of course, a new Battle Pass with 100 exclusive items, such as skins and Apex packs, awaits bite the dust players from Apex Legends in Season 5.

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